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      The leaders of Shanghai HT-SAAE came to our company to inspect the products
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      A few days ago, Shanghai HT-SAAE came to our company to inspect the products. The relevant person in charge of Shanghai HT-SAAE inspected the test product in terms of technology and appearance, and said that the product has now entered the acceptance stage, and the production progress of the product has reached the estimated time, which is very satisfying to them. In addition, the quality, appearance and technology of the test equipment of Shanghai Shangqi Group Test Equipment Co., Ltd. are all trusted by them. This product is no exception. It meets the national standards and meets the requirements of Shanghai HT-SAAE.

      Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of China Aerospace Industry Corporation and the National Economic Reform Commission. Shanghai HT-SAAE relies on the resources of central enterprises to grasp the development direction of national strategic industries. After years of unremitting efforts, it has formed three major industrial patterns of new energy photovoltaics, auto parts and new material applications. It has a vertically integrated aerospace photovoltaic industry chain, international R&D, Auto parts industry platform for manufacturing and marketing, and new material industry platform for military-civilian integration.

      The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Aerospace Electromechanical said that based on the trust in the brand of Shanghai Shangji Group Test Equipment Company, in the future, they will cooperate with Shanghai Shangji Group Test Equipment Company and purchase test equipment products.